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Guidelines for artists exhibiting in the Floy Preslar Gallery

Revised Feb. 5, 2018

The following guidelines are general rules and requirements for those who exhibit at the Floy Preslar Gallery. There may be additional rules and requirements specific to a particular show, which, if any, will be provided as part of the call for art or prospectus.

  1. In open-call shows, artists must be based in Columbia County, Oregon, or any of the adjoining counties that could be reached directly (namely, Clatsop, Multnomah, and Washington counties of Oregon, as well as Cowlitz County in the State of Washington). Columbia County artists will receive a priority over others. In invitational and juried shows, specific eligibility requirements will apply.

  2. All artwork must be two-dimensional, wired and ready to hang, and no larger than three feet (91.4 cm) in either dimension. We may be able to accept a limited number of small three-dimensional works, but please inquire first. While not required, the Gallery strongly encourages artwork to be framed and protected from dusts, humidity, and other possible sources of damages. The Gallery is located inside a converted industrial-use building that is now a multipurpose event center used by a variety of people and for a variety of purposes.

  3. The gallery is located inside a multi-purpose event center. Due to a wide variety of groups and people utilizing this space throughout the month, we request that your art be appropriate for an all-ages setting. Controversial and thought-provoking art are welcome, however, they must be tasteful and presented not just for a shock value. If you have any doubt or question on this matter, contact the curator first. The gallery reserves rights to reject any artwork that is deemed inappropriate. The decision of the curator is final in this regard.

  4. There is a nominal administrative fee of $10 per artist, payable upon drop-off, in cash only. Fees are waived for artists under the age of 18. We also request all participating artists to promote this event. We will provide printable PDF files, as well as several digital materials you can use online.

  5. In order to participate in this show, you (or any person you may designate for this purpose) must be able to physically drop off and pick up your artwork at the Floy Preslar Gallery, which is located at 32180 Pittsburg Road (Pittsburg-Saint Helens Road) in Yankton, Oregon.

  6. Any artwork that is left unclaimed for over 30 days from the official end of the show will be considered abandoned and become property of the gallery, and may be disposed of at the sole discretion of the Gallery curator.

  7. The gallery does not process art sales. Artists must make a direct arrangement with buyers. Optionally, artists may opt to authorize the Gallery to hold buyers' payments (in check or money order only, made out to the artists) until the art pick-up date. All artwork must remain on display in the gallery until the official end of the show. Artists whose work are sold agree to remit 25 percent of the sales prices within 15 days of the official last day of the show to the curator.

  8. The gallery is not responsible for any damage, theft, or loss in connection with this show in any way. Since the gallery is located inside a multi-purpose facility, please avoid items that are extremely fragile or requiring frequent maintenance.

  9. All participating artists are encouraged to attend the opening reception.

  10. The gallery reserves rights to terminate any call for art earlier than its deadline date if the show is already full sooner. Please do not wait until the last minute.

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