The Femmelesia!

The Femmelesia!: Questions and Answers

  1. Why is this group separatist in this day and age?
  1. Who are queer femmes, and how do you define who gets to be a queer femme?

One of the best explanations of what queer femmes are comes from Rhea Ashley Hoskin, a pioneer in the study of femme theory:

Femme is femininity reworked, (re)claimed as one’s own and made in one’s own image—a type of “disruptive” rogue femininity. By rejecting the masculine right of access to femininity, the femme subject collapses systems of meaning and signifiers of heterosexual hegemony. In this way, femmes give “feminine signifiers new meaning." Femme is the abnormal occupation of feminine normality, meaning femininity embodied by those to whom recognition as feminine is culturally denied or who do not comply with norms of “proper womanhood.” In other words, femmes are those whose feminine expressions are culturally “unauthorized,” and who refuse to and/or do not approximate the ideal norm of what patriarchal femininity constitutes. (Hoskin, "Femme theory: Refocusing the intersection". Atlantis 38.1 (2017).)

Femmes are therefore necessarily queer, and exist outside the mainstream gender norms that define "womanhood." By this definition, only queers can be femmes.

  1. Isn't a "non-binary femme" an oxymoron? How can one be "feminine" and non-binary at the same time?

There are many femmes who do not identify as women or females, despite their outward looks. They are hidden from casual observers and from the mainstream society because they are invisible and are often visually indistinguishable from heterosexual women. While most non-binary folks are androgynous or "masculine-of-center," or may adopt a more visibly gender-fluid/genderqueer appearances, often non-binary femmes see themselves as someone whose femininity is not constrained by the binary, heteronormative, and misogynistic social construct of gender.

  1. What is The Clear Recital?
  1. Where can I purchase a copy of The Clear Recital?
  1. Are you a Dianic Wiccan?
  1. What about the seasonal observances and festivals?
  1. Is this something I can become a member of?
  1. What is "New Thought"?
  1. Is this related to "Law of Attraction" or "prosperity consciousness"?
  1. What is the thread that connects the New Thought to Goddess feminist spirituality?