The Femmelesia!

Become part of the Femmelesia!

Hi, I’m happy to see that you’d like to be part of this emerging community of queer femmes.

First off, the honest admission: This is very, very new. It is only at the conception stage. There is no “functioning” community or church anywhere by the name of The Femmelesia as of this writing. So, “joining” really means that you express your affinity with the visions of The Femmelesia, and maybe even that you “feel at home” if there were such a community. If you are like that, I’d love to collaborate to build a queer femme spiritual space that is unapologetically for fierce queer femmes.

Second, this project arose from both my (Willow’s) own lived experiences as a queer non-binary femme, as well as from my academic research in feminist theology and Goddess spirituality movement. This means to you that The Femmelesia will be a springboard for future research and experimental projects (be assured that if you will be participating in any research, it will be clearly explained as such and only with your consent, subject to IRB).

Having said, right now, the only “joining” you can do is to join our listserv. This is a two-directional listserv where you can participate in discussions, rather than just a newsletter. In the future, there will be exclusive contents for members only.

Please be aware that The Femmelesia is first and foremost for queer femmes, including non-binary femmes. Others who are genuine allies of queer and/or non-binary femmes are welcome but please be mindful of the largely unmet need for a uniquely queer femme spiritual space that differs from the heteronormative and binary-driven women’s spirituality movement. Before signing up to be part of the listserv, be sure to read the Femmelesia! Manifesto first and familiarize yourself with what we are about.