The Femmelesia!

The Femmelesia: Visions, Values, and Distinctives

The vision of The Femmelesia is to forge a new spiritual and religious path uniquely for queer femmes. The mission of The Femmelesia is to construct a new pathway and communities rooted in the lived incarnational stories of queer and/or nonbinary femmes, whose experiences may not necessarily align with the mainstream "Goddess spirituality" subculture. With the consumeric tendencies of the New Age movement and their influences on so-called eclectic "divine feminine spirituality" movement, the unfortunate side-effect has been the leveraging of what I call the "white lady woo-woo sisterhood" lifestyle, which too often include spiritual bypassing, gaslighting, cultural appropriations, anti-intellectualism, therapy culture, and unhealthy appeal to emotions.

I acknowledge that this phenomenon has long alienated thinkers, neurodiverse folks, those who are socio-economicially marginalized, people of color, and queer folks alike.

As such, I have declared myself as a "woo fighter," to bring reason, sanity, and justice back to religious feminism.

In particular, I repudiate and reject:

I propose a new alternative that truly embraces diverse life experiences while maintaining a high level of ethics and intellectual rigor (this, however, does not go without saying that one's level of formal education should never be a factor in valuing a person).

Also, I believe that a genuine faith and spirituality must naturally lead one to an action that comports to what they believe. Social actions are therefore not optional.

In practice, this means you will see not whole a lot of fluffs from me. Ceremonies I conduct are well-researched and yet adapted to particular life stories of the persons concerned. They are usually minimalist and simple in nature, yet enough room for creativity and playfulness. Many familiar elements of Neo-Pagan rituals are often omitted if they are deemed inappropriate based on the above criteria.