The Femmelesia!

Work with Willow

I approach my ministries from an intersectional contemporary feminist perspective, and in particular, I have a heart for those who occupy the margins of society for social, economic, or political reasons.

I try to keep my work on the practical side of things, rather than touchy-feely and emotionalistic kind of spirituality that seems to appeal more to those with white and middle-class privileges. Also, while I appreciate and value the power of well-designed rituals and symbolism, I am not into empty observances as feel-good activities.

At the same time, however, I believe in a holistic and integrated view of spiritual life that encompasses work, intellectual discourse, sound academics, social actions, life ethics, communion with nature, and physical activities. As a queer non-binary femme who is also neurodiverse, I understand a wide variety of challenges that people on the margin experience around self-image, personal narratives, identity, sexuality, and "fitting in" in the context of a larger society.

Please note: As a police- and prison-abolitionist I am no supporter of police or so-called criminal "justice" system, however, the Oregon state law requires mandatory reporting of those who are suspected of child or elder abuse. Reports will be made to the Oregon Department of Health and Human Services pursuant to procedures set by the state, however, and never to a police agency directly.